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Meet the Sky Top Farms Family! 

Kim Rosenbluth:  CEO, Chief Executive Mom

Kim began her career far away from the open pastures, working at Ernst and Young.  But Kim’s love of organic food and sustainable farming practices went from hobby to full time passion.  Fueled by her desire to make wholesome, simple organic food more readily available combined with joining motherhood, Kim traded in her blue pinstripe suit for overalls to start Sky Top Farms.

Sky Top Farms was founded by Kim and her husband in 2003 based on a passion for simple, delicious, organic dairy products and respect for mother earth and family and folks looking for the best organic options available.  Kim forged symbiotic working relationships with small, local, family owned, all-American organic dairy farmers.  Our farmers are committed to raising  cows the right way, with a grass-fed diet on land that is not overcrowded to allow lots of room to roam with a goal of supporting family run and animal welfare certified farms.  

The Sky Top  Farms team and family are proud to combine our background and know-how in agriculture, family food business and nutrition with our reverence for the land.  We so appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to welcome us to your home and in doing so were all doing our part to form a symbiotic relationship between organic farmers and those who want to sow the seeds for a future bright with cleaner waterways and pastures where healthier animals and folks can enjoy the organic possibilities!  

Kim and our entire team are pleased to share our passion for small farms, family values, and simple organic ingredients with you in every cup and spoonful! 



Annika Sundberg, Brand Ambassador

Annika grew up in Finland, where the whole concept of organic vs conventional was unknown to her, since the difference between the two is not nearly as significant as it is in the US. Now, living in Manhattan, she has become truly passionate about spreading the word of HEALTH to everyone around her.  Annika dedicates most of her week to passionately turning customers and consumers on to grass-fed, organic dairy products as Brand Ambassador, and in her spare time is currently studying nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  She holds a Master’s degree in Economics & Marketing (obtained in Finland), and when she is not studying or working, she enjoys spending lots of time with friends, running, dancing and doing yoga.



Charles R. Reinshagen, Production Manager

Born and raised on a dairy farm in South Kortright, NY with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, Charles originally wanted to try something different from his family dairy roots and entered the US Air Force in 1990.  He served in Turkey during the first Gulf War and was later stationed in Southern California, where he met his wife, with whom he settled back in NY to raise a family and return to his dairy roots.

In 2008, he joined the dairy and has put to use his extensive experience in the dairy industry both as a mechanic and a production specialist to ensure that only the highest quality products are produced fresh daily.  Charles and hs wife have been married for 14 years and have two beautiful daughters.  The oldest, Jessica, 19, is now serving in the Air Force in New Mexico, holding the same mechanic job her father held some 20 years ago.


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