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Your Questions 

Greg: “Hi, I was wondering if your product is 100% grass-fed or if it is only partially grass-fed and supplemented with grain? If grain is included in the diet, how much is supplemented? Do you have a detailed list of what the cows are actually fed? Kinds of grass, hay, etc. Would be very interested to know. Thanks.” 

Sky Top Farms:  Hi Greg!  I just got off the phone with the farmers and was able to get an answer to your question.  There are a total of 5 farms.  During the winter, farms rely on fermented grass, and only one farm uses supplements during the winter only.  On this farm, roughly 10% of their diet consists of a mixture of dry hay, corn, and small grains, including wheat and barley.

Sarita: “Do you sell butter? And where can I buy it in New England?"


Patrick: “I'll be making my Irish Soda bread with your buttermilk this week! Any plans on making butter?” 

Sky Top Farms: Thank you for your interest in Sky Top Farms butter!  We do have plans to launch some new and exciting items under our dairy line.  At the moment, we do not carry butter, but stay tuned via our website and facebook page to find out about upcoming products! 



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is your product kosher?


A: Yes!  We are newly certified by the Orthodox Union (OU), which will begin appearing on our labels this coming fall.


Q: Are your dairy products safe for people with wheat and gluten allergies?


A:  Absolutely.  Our milk is 100% pure, no fillers or additives.


Q: Is your milk pasteurized?


A: Under federal law, all milk must be pasteurized to be sold.  Unlike conventional organic milk products on the marketplace, Sky Top Farms aims to come as close to raw as legally possible, to maintain the integrity and health benefits of milk.  We do this by using an HTST (high temperature, short time) pasteurization method, which keeps a lot more nutrients in the milk than ultra pasteurization. 

Q: Why is the shelf life of your milk shorter than other organic milks on the shelf? 


A. Many milks on the market have long shelf lives (up to 70 days!) because they are "ultra pasteurized," which means they are heated for a short time at an extremely high temperature.  This allows milk companies to distribute across a wide market.  Sky Top Farms aims to be as fresh, local and healthful as possible, and thus we apply only an HTST pasteurization (see above description) which falls under the USDA standards for pasteurization.


Q: What does "unhomogenized" mean?


A: Since we want to keep our product as close to raw as we can, we have also opted out of the homogenization process, which changes the size of the fat molecules in milk and, some studies show, can be harmful to our health.   Check out the Our Press page to read more about the science and nutrition behind homogenization.


Q:  Are your products available outside of the New York state area?


A: Our products are available outside of New York, but within a limited geographic scope.  Currently, we are distributed in the Northeast (New York, NJ, and Connecticut) as well as some Whole Foods locations in the North Atlantic (Massachusetts and Rhode Island).  Our milks are bottled to order, and we aim to stay as local as possible with our distribution to ensure the freshness and small-farm integrity of the product.

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