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Evans Farmhouse

Evans Farmhouse, run by Dave and Sue Evans, is a family-owned and operated, USDA certified organic dairy farm located in Norwich, New York. 75 organically raised, pasture-fed Jersey cows roam their hillside farm. Their hillside grass diet is supplemented with non-GMO certified organic grain, hay, baylage, and haylage throughout the year. They believe in organic grass-based practices, which results in the best tasting dairy products around!



Tuning Family Farm

Dear Consumer,

My name is Jason Tuning and I am the first generation of Tuning Family Farm.  My wife and I started this farm back in October of 2006 with the help of my parents who owned the facilities but did not farm themselves.  We started the farm with several goals in mind.

1.  To maintain a family-oriented business so that everyone that works on this farm can feel like they are a part of our family.

2.  To do our jobs to the best of our ability no matter what the task at hand.

3.  To maintain a viable business that can be passed on to what will hopefully be many generations to come.

We currently milk an average of 40 cows year round with approximately the same amount of calves and heifers being raised to replace the older cows or to help grow the herd internally so as not to bring in any new problems or disease.  We do this to keep our herd health easy to maintain.

We strive to produce the highest quality milk that a cow will naturally produce on pasture and a grass-based diet without using hormones or other outside sources to enhance our product.  Our cows are on pasture almost year round and are allowed to forage and graze with as little human interference as possible so as to let the cows do that they do naturally.  If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our farm feel free to email me at jasontuning@yahoo.com or find me on facebook under Jason Tuning and send me a message.

---more info and pictures of Tuning Family Farm to come soon!---


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