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Announcement:  New Kosher Certification!

The folks at Sky Top Farms are pleased to announce that all of our dairy products have been certified kosher by the Orthodox Union.  We achieved this several months ago, but are happy to say that we have now transitioned all of our labels to reflect this change.

Our Products 

All of our milk products come from happy, grass fed cows!  We do not homogenize our milk, so the cream rises to the top, as nature intended!  Don't be alarmed, just shake it up and pour out a creamy, rich tasting milk that puts conventional milk to shame.  Currently, the following products are available, and stay tuned for exciting new products coming soon!

Half gallon milk (whole, 1%, and skim) 

Quarts (whole, 1% and skim)

Buttermilk (32 oz)

Half 'n half (16 oz)

Heavy Whipping Cream (16 oz) 

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